Windows 7 on VMWare

I returned back from the tech-ed event with lot many TODOs, and the top most priority being exploring Windows 7. The very first thing to do was to Download Windows 7 RC and decide on the installation. Currently my machine(Toshiba m70 Laptop with Intel Centrino 1.7Ghz, 1.2Gb of Ram, Intel 915 mobile graphics and 60Gb HDD) runs a Windows XP which was pre-installed by the vendor. I never upgraded to Windows Vista, though lot many times I tried convincing myself for. After reading couple of news, articles, blogs on the problems with Vista it was too risky for me to take a call. I decided to stick to XP, as I was very comfortable and a need for an upgrade was never there. But VJ and Vic’s session on Windows 7 was an eye opener for me, and I still cant forget the statement on running Windows 7 on a 700 Mhz cpu. I thought I should really give this a try, and see what worst is kept for me, with the marriage of my old grandpa machine and the beautiful princess Windows 7. 🙂 After a series of permutation and combination in my brain (the math on risk vs beauty) I decided not to try and Install as a parallel boot, rather go with another new concept which is installing it virtually. I downloaded the VMware WorkStation, and installed it on my machine to test drive the princess in a far more secured(from the grandpa) platform. I really doubted whether VM could detect the Windows 7 and to my surprise it detected as Windows Vista. I thought to go with it and see what happens, after all it is the Vista which is underneath.

Here are the few steps which may be helpful to you guys if you want to go with VMWare.

Win-7-Installation Click on the File-> New Virtual Machine to get this screen and select Typical. Click Next2 

Select the Iso image(Win 7 image file) and you can see that – “Windows Vista Detected”. Now Click next

 3 4  4_15

Provide the Windows Key which you would have generated before the Windows Download. Also provide the disk space as per your requriement in the following forms. Inthe virtual machine name provide windows 7 or so. Follow the rest of the instructions and click finish.


You are done from the VMware side, now it will boot your Windows 7 setups, follow the instructions until complete. And that is it! So finally i had the Windows 7 in my laptop.

A simple note: Aero Expereince was disabled for me, since I did not have the graphic driver with WDDM support, and also VMware had defaulted my graphic driver to a VMware SVGA II. So guys if this feature is a must for you, then have a check on your graphic driver. If not just be happy with the basic display and trust me it is really smooth and fast.

My experience so far is really cool, I think this will be the next long lasting OS from MS after Windows XP.

More insights coming soon 🙂


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