Best blog award and me?

This is really amazing. Blogging was one of the activities I thought I was never good at. My last experience at the tech-ed forced me to write one, and this is truly surprising – Won the best blog award for writing down my experiences at the event. I received a Windows Vista Ultimate licensed copy from Vic at Xperience 2009/ Microsoft Community Tech Days event. This is my first blog entry and what a great way to start – It inspires! Thanks to BDotnet and BITPro panel members. 

Thank you VJ(MSIGeek) for scheduling the prize giving session little earlier than it was planned. It will not be good on my part if I do not mention a special thanks to VJ for having this session clicked for me and for Vic’s patience.




2 thoughts on “Best blog award and me?

  1. I’m glad to hear that, you are thrilled about the award. Indeed, your blog post brings us the memories of the Teched, no matter when we read; and thats why the award 🙂

    I will look forward for your blog post on the CTD a.k.a Xperience2009 🙂

    Congrats again.


  2. I think it’s never too late to congratulate for a great achievement!! I didn’t know that you are such an achiever! Keep it up!!!

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