Long time since I blogged!

No laziness is not the only reason why I skipped blogging for months together. I was on a complete learning mode, when I say learning its not just the technical stuffs I am talking about. I was involved in various activities of life, which demanded a lot of my personal time. A lot of activities which were completely new to me, and had no clue on how to go about it. I am not completely done with it (that said there is no definite time frame on blogging), but have decided to pull out some of my time. My passion for technology and photography are in my breath and that keeps me alive, but off late I realized it wasn’t enough! probably I need some food to survive. And that is something which I will let you know in years to come!

My transition from an entrepreneur to a full time employee was a tough decision, but have to do that to sustain and to overcome the loses! Am I complaining? No I am lucky enough in doing something what I always wanted to do and that is programming! The point is having bitten by the entrepreneur bug in some time of my life, has not let me sleep peaceful. Regaining those momentum and going forward in that direction is even more riskier until I have some concrete things planned.

Other than the learning of life I had couple of new learning which were technical and they were completely new from my field of work. But it was necessary to keep the momentum on. Oh did I say I have some concrete plans? No not yet!

Sometimes taking a right decision is far more easier than making your decision right!

To restart blogging, I am initiating a simple technical post which is coming up next!


One thought on “Long time since I blogged!

  1. good to see this.
    i guess your state is somewhat similar to mine
    and time is slipping faster than we can imagine
    god bless.

    We will be there where we want to, just matter of time.
    and we need focus more..

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