Android WIFI Problem – Obtaining Address…

Ever since I changed my broadband modem, I have been facing issues with my HTC Wildfire connecting to my WIFI router. Every time it connects to my WIFI, it gives a message “Obtaining address..” and its stuck with this message for sometime. Having just a fair knowledge on networking, it took me some steps to reach to a solution. And here it is…

For some of you it may work by simply restarting your WIFI or by restarting your Android device. If it doesn’t, read on to find out if your problem is similar to mine.

Before I jump into the solution, it is important that you understand my network and my devices. My internet broadband modem and WIFI router are two different entities – meaning my modem does not support WIFI routing, so I had to have a WIFI router separately.

  1. Modem – Binatone DT815 ADSL2+ router (supplied by Airtel India)
  2. WIFI Router – Netgear WGR614
  3. From here on for better understanding I will use the term “Modem” to represent my broadband device and “WIFI Router” to represent my WIFI device. Since both the devices are capable of DHCP, I had to disable one to avoid conflicts. I wanted the default gateway to be the modem’s, so I enabled DHCP only on my modem and disabled the other. Modem detects the WIFI router as just another device in its network and not as a router.

    My IP addresses are configured like this:

  1. Modem –
  2. WIFI Router – (Set from router’s LAN Settings)
  3. Other devices which connect, get IPs assigned by the Modem with default gateway as

Whenever I tried connecting my android device to WIFI, it gets stuck at “Obtaining address..”. I knew the problem lies in address resolution, so it was either my device not accepting the IP issued or the modem not recognizing the android.

I logged into Modem’s configuration and checked the LAN Connection pool summary(this setting displays the connected devices and its MAC addresses). To my surprise I found that my android device was issued an IP which was same as my router ( and thus the conflict.

There were two ways I could resolve this conflict:

  1. Change the WIFI router’s IP (from it’s LAN Settings – by logging into WIFI configuration)
  2. Use a Static IP Address in your android device.
    For some reason point 2 never worked for me; but point 1 did. Hope this helps someone.